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The purpose of this organization shall be to:

Be the sole representative body that
speaks for it's membership;


Help set and promote the educational objectives of the local school system and of the state and of the nation;

Protect the welfare and advance the professional interests of its members;

Foster professional attitudes;

Establish and maintain helpful, friendly relationships within the membership and school community


Thank you,

Becky Higgins
OEA President

Dear Friend,
There’s a provision in the Governor’s proposed budget for FY 2018-2019 (HB 49) that would require teachers to complete an on-site work experience with a local business or chamber of commerce as a condition of licensure renewal beginning September 1, 2018. This work would count toward the continuing education requirement. Local professional development committees would be responsible for identifying work experience opportunities to fulfill this provision.
This proposal is one of many recommendations from the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board that were included in the budget bill.  
OEA is strongly opposed to requiring teachers to complete an on-site work experience with local businesses as a condition for licensure renewal.

Take action today!

Tell legislators that the provision requiring on-site work experience as a
condition for teacher licensure renewal should be removed from the bill!

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